Traveling With Dogs

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Traveling With Dogs

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It is known to all that being a pet owner is not easy. We all love our four-legged friends and try to do everything to make them feel part of the family. Whenever we need to fly to another country (for a short vacation or for relocation purposes), we always get to the point where we need to decide what to do with our dogs.

If we decide to bring our little friends with us, we come across multiple questions and issues. This article is here to provide you with some tips on how you should prepare and what to anticipate when traveling with dogs.

Prepare Your Dogs For The Flight

First of all, you should purchase a flight crate for your dog as soon as possible. The sooner you purchase the flight crate, the more time your dog will have to get use to it. We really can’t express enough how important this is.

Second of all, you will need to make sure that your dog is ready to fly with you. This can be done by simply visiting your veterinarian and checking your dog’s health. Most countries will require you to travel with an endorsed health certificate that clearly states that your dog is healthy and free from any contagious diseases. If your dog isn’t fit to fly, you should think carefully what to do.

Documents Needed To Travel With A Dog

If you have already chosen your destination country, then you should start researching the destination’s pet import regulations. While doing so, you might bump into a couple of requirements that you will need to follow – such as getting your dog microchipped, vaccinated, etc. You should double-check everything as it is really not recommended to miss any of the requirements.

Some countries are stricter than others. Some have no more then 1-3 requirements, while others could ask for a lot more. Preparing documents for certain destinations could take you 1-4 weeks, while to others will take 3-6 months!

Always plan ahead!

Finding The Right Airline

Traveling with dogs will require you to fly with certain airlines. Not all airline companies will accept pets. Even those that do will have restrictions or maybe won’t be pet friendly.

Once you are set with the airline, make sure to definitely take a look at their policies and regulations. It would also be a great idea to notify your airline, in advance, that you are going to travel with a dog.

Traveling with dogs isn’t cheap. A dog’s one-way ticket could cost you anywhere between $50-$400 (and sometimes even more if it’s cargo).

For more info, we recommend you read the following article: How much does it cost to fly a dog?

Our Recommendation

Traveling with dogs might be very complicated. If you are relocating, it is worth the trouble. If, on the other hand, you are planning to go on a short vacation, it could be best to leave your pets at home.

Apart from that, if you plan and take actions beforehand, you will be able to easily manage anything. If you get lost or think that you need help, there are many pet shipping companies that will be able to help you. We, for example, can provide you with all the necessary information, assist you with the required steps and much more!

Don’t take any risks as the consequences are never pleasant. Double-check everything you do/have.

Happy traveling!

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