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Pets2Fly, a pet relocation company based in Israel, is exactly what you are looking for – a reliable company that can provide pet transport services throughout the globe. With Pets2Fly, pet transport has never been so easy!

We are a pet travel agency that has years of experience in the pet travel industry.

With us, your pets are just a step away from home!

Pet Transport Services

Are you looking for a pet relocation company? Look no more, Pets2Fly is here to help!

We can provide you with any service in the pet relocation business, such as: airline approved flight crates, export/import documents, pet flight tickets, pet cargo shipments and much more!

Flying pets around the world is our only business. We are here to make things simple for you!

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בולדוג צרפתי, חתול, באטס האונד

Pet Relocation

When relocating to a new country, you will most likely face many challenges. You will need to take into account quite a few things, such as: your spouse, children, work, language and more. In addition to all this, if you have a pet in the family, another difficult and stressful challenge is added!

Nowadays, pet owners can find a lot of information about pet travel on the Internet, but unfortunately, this information is not always correct and/or not always enough. Even if you happen to find good information online, there is a good chance that it won’t be enough for your specific move.

We really don’t want to scare you, but it’s important to note that one tiny mistake, missing one tiny thing, could cause you a big problem!

That’s what we’re here for! We are here to help you and to provide you with all the relevant information so you could safely reach your destination abroad.

חתול ו-2 בולדוגים צרפתיים מסתכלים על מטוס נייר עם הצבעים של הלוגו של פטס2פליי
Dog with sunglasses inside suitcase ready for vacation abroad

International Pet Travel

Moving overseas with pets isn’t a simple step for many families. Some consider it an excited adventure, while others are afraid for their pets’ well-being.

Each country around the world has its own pet import regulations. Therefore, if you have pets, you need to make sure you are properly handling their relocation process. Before moving internationally, your pets will need to get certain vaccinations, probably have a blood test done and much more.

Traveling with pets internationally involves a lot of uncertainty, but with proper planning and with the help of a pet travel company that specializes in pet travel, you and your pets will most likely have a smooth journey.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

  • Yonatan Finegold AvatarYonatan Finegold

    A proper review of all the wonderful things Mattan did for me and my dog in the past 2 months... Read More - 10/06/18 

    Shmulik Shaulov AvatarShmulik Shaulov

    positive review  I'm really happy I chose this service through Pets2Fly. One of the greatest experiences I had with a customer service.... Read More - 02/12/18 

    Maya Goldberg AvatarMaya Goldberg

    positive review  Thank you again for all the help with my two cats. You really helped me every step of the way... Read More - 31/01/19 

    Adi Didi Inbar AvatarAdi Didi Inbar

    Amazing service, made our cat's relocation smooth and with less stress 🙂 Thank you Mattan - 15/10/17 

    Anita Shulman AvatarAnita Shulman

    positive review  Mattan provides a perfect service to safely and inexpensively fly your pet on the same flight as you. He literally... Read More - 10/03/20 

    Neta Leigh AvatarNeta Leigh

    positive review  Don’t take a chance with your pet- for your peace of mind, hire Pets2Fly. Mattan’s service was professional, amicable, informative,... Read More - 14/11/19 

    Tamar Wiener AvatarTamar Wiener

    positive review  Where do I even begin... Mattan at Pets2Fly was absolutely amazing in transporting my dog from the US to Israel... Read More - 03/11/18 

    Amy Ackerson AvatarAmy Ackerson

    positive review  We had a great experience with Pets2Fly. Mattan patiently guided us through the process of getting our dog from the... Read More - 28/08/18 

    Alona Shwartz AvatarAlona Shwartz

    positive review  Mattan! There are no words to explain how you helped us with our relocation ! this man knows what he... Read More - 26/11/19 

  • Nadav Abergel AvatarNadav Abergel

    positive review  I don't even know from what to start. I was flying from US to Israel with my pomeranian. And I... Read More - 02/10/18 

    Yonit S AvatarYonit S

    positive review  I cannot thank Mattan enough for all his hard work, patience, compassion and guidance through this process!
    He was available to...
    Read More - 27/11/19 

    Pelit Mamani AvatarPelit Mamani

    positive review  Very professional, great knowledge of legal issues, pleasure to work with - 30/07/19 

    William Bonnett AvatarWilliam Bonnett

    Mattan was great in helping us navigate the admin nightmare in both Israel and the UK, which enabled us to... Read More - 18/02/18 

    Keren WB AvatarKeren WB

    I used Mattan's service and it was worth every penny!

    Friendly, answers at anytime regardless the time difference, very informative and...
    Read More - 01/08/17 

    Philip Shahnovich AvatarPhilip Shahnovich

    Thank you for help! You are the best ! - 31/10/17 

    Amelia Rosenberg Weinreb AvatarAmelia Rosenberg Weinreb

    positive review  Mattan was such a clear, friendly communicator throughout a long and complicated process of getting Luna the cat from Austin,... Read More - 16/07/19 

    Natacha Harkham AvatarNatacha Harkham

    positive review  Mattan was soooo helpful and sooo patient!!! I literally drove him crazy with flying my dog to Miami, but... Read More - 23/12/18 

    Daniel Huri AvatarDaniel Huri

    positive review  Let us begin by saying that relocating your pet from Israel to the UK is a super convoluted process that... Read More - 18/09/19 

  • Eytan Avisror AvatarEytan Avisror

    Mattan did an amazing job relocating our doberman from Israel to California.
    We are grateful for his guidance and support at...
    Read More - 26/04/18 

    Hutanu Fabiola Semida AvatarHutanu Fabiola Semida

    positive review  Respect for the company that helped me bring two cats from Romania to Israel
    the communication was very good throughout the...
    Read More - 24/03/19 

    Mj Haj Ali AvatarMj Haj Ali

    positive review  Mattan just goes above and beyond to answer all your questions and concerns. He's extremely professional and his company has... Read More - 25/09/19 

    Susanna Boscolo AvatarSusanna Boscolo

    Reliable, competent, organised, fab customer service. I am delighted with the service received, I would certainly use Pets2Fly again should... Read More - 20/06/18 

    Melanie De Klerk AvatarMelanie De Klerk

    Mattan thank you again for your EXCELLENT service in helping us import our 2 border collie puppies from Israel to... Read More - 05/03/18 

    Patricia Myburgh AvatarPatricia Myburgh

    There is everything to say about Pets2Fly!! Bringing 2 little Border collies to South Africa from Israel, was daunting to... Read More - 23/02/18 

    Einav Sitton AvatarEinav Sitton

    Don't take any chances with your furry family.
    Thanks to Mattan we got our dog and 2 cats to the...
    Read More - 23/12/17 

    Daniela Dahan-Villiger AvatarDaniela Dahan-Villiger

    We would like to thank Mattan and his crew for their outstanding service.
    Thanks to their help and professionalism we...
    Read More - 10/01/18 

    Bee Blake AvatarBee Blake

    positive review  Pets2Fly were an amazing service from the beginning of our process to get our dog onto a flight. If we... Read More - 26/06/19 

  • Adam Aviv AvatarAdam Aviv

    positive review  Pets2Fly helped us transport our dog over to the
    UK. Mattan has been a true professional, and made this complex...
    Read More - 26/06/19 

    Megan Hynek AvatarMegan Hynek

    Absolutely would recommend! Mattan was always available to answer any questions, assist in any capacity, and was extremely knowledgeable about... Read More - 02/07/17 

    Jim Haberman AvatarJim Haberman

    Pets2Fly helped us navigate the hurdles to transporting a kitten from Israel to the US. They were excellent in... Read More - 04/07/17 

    Denis Riterman AvatarDenis Riterman

    I only bought kennels from Mattan, although I didn't pay for any additional service Mattan helped me a lot with... Read More - 17/07/18 

    Benjamin HR AvatarBenjamin HR

    Mattan at Pets2Fly made sure that moving my pet dog to London was as easy as possible. I spoke to... Read More - 18/01/18 

    Reema Youssef Saeed AvatarReema Youssef Saeed

    Great service very professional, patient, knows what he's doing. If I'm going to use pet travel services again I will... Read More - 03/08/18 

    Shalev Hemo AvatarShalev Hemo

    positive review  The best service you can ask for your pet and for yourself!
    We arrived in Thailand, not an easy country...
    Read More - 26/12/18 

    Adva Medina AvatarAdva Medina

    positive review  The best service ever!!! Was traveling with my dog from London to Israel and Mattan did everything right! There is... Read More - 05/03/19 

    Tami Tomate AvatarTami Tomate

    I can’t thank enough Mattan for his help and attention when I was about to travel with my dog.

    Read More - 02/02/18 

  • Dror Keren AvatarDror Keren

    Mattan organized DinDin transfer From Israel to London in the Most professional way possible.
    Every detail thought and taken care off...
    Read More - 01/06/18 

    Ari Solomon AvatarAri Solomon

    Great service and immediate help by Mattan and Pets2Fly. Helped out with the entire process, from crate to certificates to... Read More - 25/01/18 

    M. Ann Tran AvatarM. Ann Tran

    positive review  If you need to import/export your pet, you need look no further than Pets2Fly. Mattan is very responsive, informative, and... Read More - 12/07/19 

    Nadezhda Liaskovskaia AvatarNadezhda Liaskovskaia

    Hey everyone! I'm a crazy mother of a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Miki. We had a relocation process... Read More - 15/10/17 

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