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Pet Courier Service


Let Us Fly With Your Pets

Every now and then, pet owners find themselves in a situation where they are unable to travel with their beloved pets. When this happens, pet owners resort in sending their pets as cargo shipments. It is important to know that sending pets as cargo is a very different and difficult. Furthermore, cargo shipments are much more expensive generally because customs are involved.

Pet owners around the world keep trying to avoid sending their beloved pets as cargo shipments. No one wants to see their pets travel unaccompanied.

Our staff at Pets2Fly came up with a special courier service. Our pet courier service will help relieve you of constantly worrying about your pets. In addition, most of the times this service will be cheaper then cargo! One of our goals is to save you money!

Professional Couriers For Your Pets

By using our pet courier service, you will no longer have to worry about sending your pets alone. We will provide you with a caring, trained and professional companion to travel with your pets. Our professional pet couriers will make sure your pets have all the necessities they will need to make it through the flight.

By opting for our pet courier service, not only do you stay stress free but your pets also have a great time.

A crucial part of becoming one of our couriers is to have an unending love for animals which is why you can rest assured that your pets will be in the safest and most caring hands imaginable.

We have reunited many pets with their owners/families over the years. There is really no reason to look somewhere else!

Please keep in mind that some countries only accept pets via cargo. We won’t be able to provide our pet courier service to those countries.


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