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Dog Transport

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Most people will agree that flying with a dog can be jittery, especially if it’s their first time. Without proper preparations, the flight could turn out to be very uncomfortable.

If you are planning to transport your dog abroad, you must prepare your dog psychologically and physically beforehand.

You should also keep in mind that transporting a dog abroad will require you to meet the export regulations of your country, the regulations of the airline company and the regulations of your destination.

This article sheds light on some of the rules that you should know and how you should prepare your dog psychologically for the flight.

The Basics For Transporting Dogs

As a dog owner, the first thing that comes to mind is how can you make your dog’s flight more comfortable? Well, lucky for you (and your dog), there are plenty of things that you can do!

To begin with, it is mandatory that you acquire an airline pet carrier that is big enough for your dog. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the ventilation holes are sufficient. Carrying your dog in a carrier that allows it to stand, lie down and turn around will make it less stressed and at ease. You should also note that today, most airline companies will check that the crate is big enough for your dog. If it isn’t, the airline company can deny your dog to board the flight.

As for ventilation, it’s worth noting that air pressure reduces with an increase in altitude. Your dog will be affected by this change. However, with a free circulation of fresh air in the carrier, the effect of the air pressure changes will be neutralized.

Secondly, it is recommended to purchase the flight crate in advance so that you could get your dog used to the flight crate. Some dogs are easy to kennel train while others will never feel comfortable in their crates. Psychologists say that just like humans, pets feel less stressed when with their used to their surroundings.

Lastly, it’s import to check the regulations of your destination. You should do this about 6 months in advance as there are many countries around the world that will require many documents and “waiting periods”.

Dog Transport – Psychological Preparations

Before flying with a dog, it is recommended (and sometimes mandatory) to check with your vet whether your dog is in good health and psychological condition to fly.

You should make sure that your dog is familiarized with the flight carrier you bought.

Is your pet used to crowded places? If not, you will need to gradually introduce it to crowded areas to minimize the chances of getting your dog overly hostile to people at the airport.

Another remedy to this is booking a less crowded flight (off-peak travel) or a direct flight. The fewer the traveling hours and plane switches you make during the journey, the more infrequent interactions your dog will have with people it dislikes. In the same breath, booking your flight early will help you get your preferred flight ticket and your ticket will probably be much cheaper. Before booking your tickets, please keep in mind the time it will take you to prepare your dog for travel, the time it will take you to finalize all the necessary documents.

Adhering To Travelling Rules And Regulations

Rules and regulations vary with countries and states. If you are traveling with your dog from or to Israel, for example, your dog will need a microchip, a rabies vaccine and a blood test.

In some countries, an import permit is required for dogs. Other countries will demand you to obtain a veterinary health certificate from a government veterinary officer, specifying the dog’s breed, its age, and vaccination history.

It is highly recommended to use a pet shipping company to guide you and check your documents as one tiny mistake could cause you a lot of trouble. A pet shipping company will advise you accordingly and help you to fill some of the mandatory forms and certifications.

Understanding and complying with rules and regulations is always very important. No matter your destination, if your fail to comply with the rules, your might be fined, your dog might be placed in quarantine or even deported back.

Why incur avoidable expenses and cause unnecessary inconveniences when you can ride smoothly by contacting a pet shipping company? Don’t allow such troubles to force you to leave your furry friend behind.

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