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Flight Tickets For Pets


All Airline Companies Are Different

The first thing you need to know about flight tickets for pets is that not all airline companies are pet friendly. Even if an airline is pet friendly, it does not mean that the airport is pet friend as well. In addition, not all airline companies accept pets in cabin or even as excess baggage. Some airline companies will only take pets as cargo shipments (such as British Airways), while others won’t take pets from or to certain countries.

If all this is not enough, there are airline companies that place embargos when it is too cold or hot.

Even if you find an airline company that will take pets, that sell flight tickets for pets, there might be a chance that your pets or their flight kennels may be too big for the airline’s planes.

If you want to travel with your pets you will need to know the laws and regulations of the relevant airline companies and of all the airports involved (origin, layover and destination). Finding an airline that suits your needs might be very difficult.

We Are Here To Help

To help you fly with your pets internationally, Pets2Fly can provide you and your pets with flight tickets that will meet your needs and budget. We are a pet travel agency in Israel which means that we have all the necessary softwares and capabilities to fly you and your pets across the world.

We have been helping families find the ideal flight tickets for years. It is very simple – you book your tickets through us and you won’t have any problems!.

Why Book Your Tickets With Us?

Travel arranged by a professional pet travel agent guarantees that you never travel alone. You benefit from our years of experience and from our relationships with suppliers in the pet travel industry.

As experienced professionals, we know how much goes into planning your pet’s travel. Our thoughtful team is here to take care of your every need from the second you contact us and until the end of your journey. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase your flight tickets (for you and your pets) only through Pets2Fly.


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