Pet Flight Tickets

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Pet Flight Tickets

Relocating with a pet internationally is very stressful. There are many things a pet owner will need to deal with, such as: getting the proper documents in right order, purchasing a pet flight ticket, getting an airline approved travel crate and much more.

Before purchasing pet airline tickets, pet owners should know that not all airline companies are pet friendly. Some airlines just don’t fly pets, while others have a bad reputation or success rate.

Difficulties In Purchasing Pet Tickets

Difficulties In Purchasing Pet Tickets

It is important to note that not all airline companies accept pets in cabin or even as excess luggage. Some airlines will only fly pets as cargo shipments (such as British Airways and United Airlines), while others won’t take pets from or to certain countries.

If you have a “problematic” breed, you should be prepared to get lots of refusals. Nowadays, many airlines won’t accept snub-nosed (such as Pugs) and “dangerous” breeds (such as Pitbulls).

If all this is not enough, there are airlines that place embargos when the weather is too cold or too hot.

Therefore, in order to avoid any inconveniences, you will need to book the flight tickets correctly.

How To Book Flight Tickets For Pets?

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In order to book flight tickets for pets, you will need first to find a pet friendly airline. Once you found one, you will need to be in touch with them over the phone.

Most airlines around the world don’t have an online booking system for pets. Therefore, the only way to confirm your pet’s reservation will be through a travel agency or directly over the phone.

Pet flight tickets are mostly paid at the airport, at the check-in counter, on the day of the flight.

The Regulations Of The Origin/Destination

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If you want to travel with your pets you will need to know the laws and regulations of the relevant airline companies and of all the countries involved (origin, layover and destination).

Some countries won’t allow you to transit through them without certain permits or approvals, while others will only allow your pets to fly as cargo.

Choosing the right airline isn’t enough. Pet owners should make sure to check everything else before booking their pet’s flight tickets.

Airlines Require Booking Through Pet Shipping Companies

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As pet travel has become so popular, many airlines today won’t accept pets without going through an approved pet shipping company.

Such airlines (like United Airlines) require pet owners to go through an approved pet shipping company because they want to avoid any errors. Booking through an agent guarantees that the process will be done accordingly – from choosing the right crate and up to having the right documents for the pet’s travel.

Booking Your Pet Flight Tickets Through Pets2Fly

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Travel arranged by a professional pet travel agent guarantees that there won’t be any problems with the airline.

To help you fly with your pets internationally, Pets2Fly can provide you and your pets with flight tickets that will meet your needs and budget. We are a pet travel agency and therefore, we have all the necessary softwares and capabilities to book flight tickets for pets.

As experienced professionals, we know how much goes into planning your pet’s travel. Our thoughtful team is here to take care of your every need from the second you contact us and until the end of your journey.

Contact us today and benefit from our years of experience in flying pets across the globe.


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