Pet Relocation Services

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Pet Relocation Services

Traveling with pets is not always easy. It’s actually very complicated and stressful, especially when pet owners move their pets abroad without hiring a pet relocation company. Pet relocation services we will not only help you speed up the process, but they will also make sure that everything is done accordingly.

When moving abroad with a pet, there are many laws and regulations that pet owners need to abide to. No matter the destination, you will need to follow specific regulations and laws in order to enter with your pets.

Preparing to meet these requirements and getting them done on time means that you will need to start preparing a couple of months before your departure. Needles to say, even when you prepare in advance, it still proves exceptionally hard to understand and/or meet the destination country’s requirements.

With our our pet relocation services, we will take a lot of stress off you!

Our basic pet relocation package includes the following services:

Consultation, Management & Guidance

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From the moment you open a file, we will review all the documents in your possession, check if all the required documents are available and inform you which documents are missing. In addition, we will check whether your documents are valid and suitable for your destination.

Once we have established all this, we will progress with you to the next stages: when and if to conduct blood tests, additional vaccinations (if necessary), health certificate, etc. We will inform you of all the requirements.

Throughout your pet’s relocation process, you or anyone on your behalf, will be required to perform the necessary tasks (for example – to meet your private veterinarian for vaccinations). We will be in touch with you throughout the process to guide you step by step until all documents are finalized as required.

At each stage we will send you the relevant documents (when possible) and we will provide you with examples of how the documents should be fulfilled after performing the necessary actions.

All this will be done in a way that you won’t have any questions and you will not find yourself in a state of uncertainty.

Flight Tickets, Arrangements & Routes

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We are a pet relocation company and therefore, you can book your pet’s flight tickets through us! Please note that if you wish for this to happen, you will need to contact us before purchasing your flight tickets. We can’t book your pet’s flight tickets by themselves, as most airline companies won’t allow this.

In case your pet will need to fly unaccompanied, as cargo shipment, we will be able to book your pet’s ticket separately as it has nothing to do with your flight ticket.

Please note that we will provide you with all the details so that you could book your flight tickets directly with the airline or through your own travel agent. You will get a detailed list of all the recommended, pet friendly airline companies.

There are quite a few airline companies that aren’t pet friendly, while others that only ship pets as cargo shipments (a procedure that is much more expensive). Therefore, we highly recommend you don’t book your tickets before consulting us as you will receive from us a lot of vital information.

In addition to all this, we will also provide you with a rough cost estimate of your trip.

As part of our pet relocation services, we will, of course, explain to you the various procedures at the airport.

Airline Approved Flight Crates For Pets

Airline Approved Flight Crates For Pets

We hope you didn’t purchase yet a flight crate/carrier since not all crates are airline approved. Even if you purchased a pet travel crate that is “airline approved”, it still isn’t certain that the crate is suitable for your pet. This by itself could cause the airline company not to approve your crate and with that, your pet’s flight.

In addition, the travel crate’s size is important because a crate that is too big or too small can endanger and harm your pet.

Another important reason for buying a suitable flight crate is that having the right crate could eventually reduce the price of your pet’s flight ticket.

Our pet relocation services are here to make things very simple (as it should be), by guiding you exactly how to measure your pet so that we could recommend what flight crate/carrier is relevant and approved by your airline company.

With our help, you will understand if it’s possible to take your pet with you in cabin or if you will need to send your pet to the hold of the plane.

In addition, we will provide you with two important documents that will explain how to prepare the crate for the flight and how to accustom your pet to his/her travel crate.

In order to make things easier for you, we have pet travel crates for sale and we can assure you that their prices are very attractive. These special prices are reserved only for our customers.

It is important to know that our flight crates are approved for flight (with all airlines) and they come with a free comprehensive “flight kit” so that you will have everything you need.

There are times when we have second-hand flight crates for sale at a cheap price so we recommend you check this with us in due course.

Pets2Fly’s Pet Relocation Services

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Relocating with a pet isn’t something that most pet owners do quite often. As this is most likely the case, why not consult and/or hire someone that has experience in the pet travel industry?

There are many pet relocations services around the globe. Choosing the best one can be overwhelming.

Give us a call or send us an email and we will tell you how we can help and why you should choose us!

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