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VIP (Very Important Pets) Service


Why Choose Our VIP Service?

Using our VIP service doesn’t just makes travelling with your pets easier, it also makes it a lot less time-consuming. When traveling with pets, you must arrive at the airport about 4 hours before the flight. With our VIP service, 2 professional VIP attendants will meet you 2 hours prior to your flight. With our VIP professionals around, the entire process will be sped up considerably while you have little or nothing to do!

Throughout the entire time, one of the VIP attendants will be accompanying your pets until the airline handler will come to collect them. At that point, they will exchange numbers so that the airline handler could call you (or the VIP representative) when your pets have boarded the plane safely. In the meantime, the other VIP attendant will assist you through security check and passport control. This VIP attendant will be with you until you reach the flight gate.

How You Benefit

Not only does our VIP service help speed up the entire process (providing you more time to spend with your pets) but it also provides you with a sense of security and confirmation that your pets are completely safe and are on the correct flight.

Additionally, if your flight is long, reducing the overall time your pets have to remain in their flight kennels by 2 hours can make a big difference! It doesn’t seem a lot but trust us, even 1 hour can make a big difference.

Our VIP service is one of our best services. We created this service as we were informed that the process at the airport is the most stressful and difficult part of the process. Our clients really enjoy our VIP service and the feedback is always positive! If you can afford it, there is no better service that we can recommend!


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