Pet Airport Shuttles

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Pet Shuttles To & From The Airport

For most pet owners around the world, transporting their pets to or from the airport can be quite challenging. This becomes exceedingly difficult when you have big or multiple pets to transport. Imagine having to drive your pets and their flight crates with you, your family and your entire luggage. It doesn’t feel very comfortable or sometimes, even doable. It’s not easy finding a reliable pet shuttle service.

Our goal is to make things easier by providing pet shuttle services in Israel and in most countries around the world.

We are certain that our pet ground transport services will save you quite a lot of headaches, money and stress.

Why Choose Our Pet Shuttle Service?

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By choosing our transportation service, we solve the problem of getting your pet/s to or back from the airport. Let our us provide you with a suitable transport for your pets.

Our pet shuttle service doesn’t just sound simple, it really is so!

If needed, we can provide a shuttle big enough to take your pets along with the whole family! We will arrive at your door at the designated time, load everything and make sure that you and your pets are comfortable.

Assistance At The Airport

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Most customers who order our pet shuttle services, request that we will also provide them with our VIP service at the airport

Our VIP service helps pet owners preform the required process at the terminal in the easiest and fastest way possible.

The combination of these two services is a perfect match!

Pet Ground Transport Services With Pets2Fly

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We are a pet relocation company that has years of experience in the pet shipping industry. As so, we have at our disposal, solutions to any problems you may have.

In principle, our vehicles are for animal transports only, without the owner’s escort. If you would like to travel with your pet in our vehicles, we could provide a larger vehicle to make that possible.

Our pet shuttle services are for pet owners that want to start and/or finish their relocation with ease.

Our pet shuttle services are available 24/7, in Israel and abroad!

Please note that our pet shuttle services are only provided with our pet cargo service.

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