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Pet Airport Shuttles


Finding Transportation For Your Pets

For most pet owners, getting their pets to or from the airport can be quite challenging. This becomes exceedingly difficult when you have big or multiple pets. Imagine having to drive your pets and their crates with you, your family and your entire luggage. It doesn’t feel very comfortable or even doable. It is also not easy finding a reliable pet shuttle service.

Our goal is to make things easier by providing pet shuttle services in Israel and in most countries around the world. We are certain that our pet shuttle service will save you quite a lot of headaches and stress.

Why Choose Our Pet Shuttle Service?

By choosing our transportation service, we remove the problem of getting your pets to or back from the airport. Let our drivers pick-up your pets and provide them with a suitable transport. Our pet shuttle service doesn’t just sound simple, it really is so!

If needed, we can provide a shuttle big enough to take your pets along with the whole family! We will arrive at your door at the designated time, load everything and make sure that you and your pets are comfortable.

We Make It Convenient and Simple

More than often, pet owners have to collect their pets from the airport due to being sent as cargo (unaccompanied). As a pet owner, you are forced to wait and follow difficult steps in order to collect your pets. Sometimes flights are delayed which will cause you to wait even longer. Furthermore, you may not have the time to collect your pets as you have other responsibilities.

In such cases, you can count on Pets2Fly to make sure that your pets are safely collected from the airport. We will take good care of your beloved pets until they are handed to you at your residence!


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