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Are you planning to travel internationally with your pet/s? Did you find partial information online? If so, go ahead and check our up-to-date regulation pages.

We have decided to provide pet owners with the pet import requirements for many countries!

Our goal is to provide pet owners around the world with the relevant import requirements, so that they could understand what it takes to travel with their pets internationally!

We are here to make things easier. We are here to help you move internationally with your pets!

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Pet Travel Regulations Disclaimer:

The regulations published here for free are guidelines for pet owners around the world to enjoy.

To the best of our ability, we ensure that the regulations written on our website reflect the current pet import requirements.

In the event that the destination country demands are not met in full, Pets2Fly won’t be held accountable. The veterinary authorities in each country could sanction to return the pet/s to their country of origin, place them in a quarantine facility or even destroy them. The importer/owner will be held responsible and will be charged with all the costs that will occur.

We highly recommend you use the information that is provided on our website solely to understand the “big picture”, to understand what the general process will be like.

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