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Traveling With Pets

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For most pet owners, relocating to a new country isn’t an option if their pets can’t come along. Traveling with pets can be highly stressful regardless of how well you plan for it. This comes with the restrictions that most commercial airlines impose on pet shipping which has made it more complicated and sometimes even very expensive.

Additionally, in the cargo holds of commercial airlines, temperatures may fluctuate, air pressure can drop and noise can be tremendous which may lead to stress and even death. There have been incidents of pets being lost, injured and found dead in recent times. A recent “big” incident was in the United States in 2015 where 39 animals died while flying aboard. Additionally, 13 got injured and 5 were lost.

This may sound like a small percentage compared to the millions of pets that are flown by airlines every year but it’s an indication of the dangers that pets may face if inadequate caution is taken.

It is also important to note that there are also some dog breeds that have been banned by most airline companies such as Bulldogs, Boxers and Pugs. These breeds are prone to respiratory problems due to their short noses. Additionally, some cat breeds such as Persians and Himalayans have also been placed in the no-fly list.

If you have to travel with commercial airlines, be sure to follow these tips in order to travel with your pets.

Double-Check The Airline’s Policies Before Booking

You should ensure that the airline will allow your pet to board the flight (in cabin or in the hold). This should be done before you book your flight tickets!

Make sure that your breed isn’t banned or restricted, that the crate isn’t too large (if you have a big dog) and that the total weight doesn’t exceed allowed by the airline.

Some airlines don’t accept pets when it’s too cold or too hot (summer and winter restrictions).

These are just some of the reasons why you should double check before booking.

Know The Fees And Book Early Enough

Airlines limit the number of pets onboard for each plane. Therefore, it’s great if you can call the airline to book the flight for both you and you pet. This will allow you to have all the necessary details for your desired flight.

Booking early means that you’ll have all the time to schedule a vet appointment and do the necessary paperwork for the airline and destination requirements.

Look For A Suitable Flight Crate

This may be quite challenging as the flight crate needs to be large enough for the pet to stand, sit and even turn around comfortably. There should also be beddings and towels to absorb any accidents.

Be sure to put a tray of water for your pet and a small bowl of preferably dried food just beside the crate so that the air personnel in charge can feed your pet at the layover (if needed).

A main problem when traveling with pets is that the owner isn’t always with his pets. Therefore, we recommend that the crate door should be secured but not locked (with a lock that can’t be opened) in order to allow quick opening by airline personnel in case of an emergency.

Are You Traveling With Pets?

At Pet2fly, we understand the hassle that comes when traveling with pets. Our number one aim is to help you speed up the preparation process and to ensure that you meet all the requirements on time and in the right way!

Our pet relocation service aims to help you review all the documents required and ensure that they are valid for your desired destination. We will help you carry out the vaccinations and blood tests with just a few things required of you such as visiting your vet.

We know that having all the necessary documents can be a difficult task but we will keep in touch with you to ensure that you undertake all the necessary actions to avoid the state of uncertainty.

Furthermore, you can book your flight tickets through us (for you and for your pets). Our consultants will find you the best flight route so according to your budget and needs. We will also advise what crate you will need to purchase so that you could purchase from us or anywhere else (as long as you will purchase the right crate).

Our prices are affordable and you can rest assure that next time you need a pet transport service, you’ll always come back to us!

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