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Pet Cargo Shipments


Shipping Pets As Cargo

Unaccompanied pets can only travel as “manifested cargo” (or just cargo) shipments. Cargo shipments doesn’t mean that your pets will travel on a special cargo plane. Your pets will travel in the hold of regular passenger planes. What is important to understand is that the whole process will be different and much more expensive.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations state that all airline companies are required to treat animals with great care no matter how they fly, as cargo or excess luggage. Just imagine the care that the airline company will give your pets when they travel unaccompanied. From our experience, airline companies usually take extra precautions and care when pets are travelling alone.

Why Send Pets As Cargo Shipments?

There are many reasons why pet owners decide to send their pets unaccompanied. One of the main reasons is if the pet owner needs to fly before or after the pet. Your pets will be able to fly unaccompanied but this could only happen if they are sent as cargo shipment.

Another reason is that certain countries, such as England, will only allow pets to enter as cargo shipments. There are quite a few countries that do so. The reason is that when pets travel as cargo shipments, regulations are better enforced. We think that more countries should enforce cargo shipments as this will make the world a better place.

Furthermore, there are times that cargo is the only possibility even if the destination country does not enforce it. This usually happens because there are no flights that can take your pets as excess baggage and the only way to bring your pets to your destination is to send them as cargo.

Cargo Shipments With Pets2Fly

Pet owners choose our cargo service because it is our expertise. Our job is to make sure that your pets will fly only with the best airline company possible. We choose only the best so that your pets will be handled with extreme care throughout their journey.

Using our service removes the stress entirely and guarantees a happy journey for your pets. To us, making sure that your pets have a happy and safe trip is what matters most.

Shipping pets as cargo shipments can cost you anything from a hundred to thousands of dollars. If you pay so much money, we think that your pets should get the best treatment possible. With our knowledge and expertise, we will do our best to make sure that the journey remains within your budget.


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