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Flight Kennels


Flight Crates Are Mandatory

If you are planning to fly with your pets, you will need to purchase them airline approved flight crates. Your pets will need to stay in their flight kennels throughout the flight (including the layover – if you have one). Even if you have small pets, that will fly with you in the cabin, they too will need to remain in their carrier throughout the flight.

Arriving at the airport without an IATA approved travel crate for your pets can cause you a lot of problems. If the flight kennels don’t meet the international standards, meet the requirements of the airline and/or are too small for your pets, your pets won’t be able to board the flight!

Our staff at Pets2Fly are expert in pet transport and therefore, can provide you with the most relevant information in the field (such as which crates your pets will need so that it will be approved by the airline company). With our help, you’ll reach your flight with flight crates that meet the international standards, meet the requirements of the airline you have chosen and which are of course, suitable for your pets.

Purchasing Suitable Flight Kennels

Pets2Fly will provide you with all the relevant information so that you could buy the flight kennels wherever you want. We would like you to know that we sell flight kennels! We only sell flight kennels that are approved for most (99%) airline companies. In addition, our flight crates come fully prepared for flight, that is, they are sold with all the necessary accessories required to transport pets. You won’t need to purchase anything else for the crates. This will save you time and of course money.

In addition to all this, we have decided that if your purchase from us, you will receive explanatory booklets of how to accustom your pets to their flight kennels and how to prepare the crates for flight (with all the accessories you will receive from us when purchasing the crates). Our flight kennel prices are the lowest on the market! You will not find flight crates in Israel that are ready and approved for flight at a lower price.

The Basic Kennel Requirements

In general, most airline companies follow the same regulations and requirements. All airline companies require that there will be enough space for the pet to sit, stand (without touching the top) and turn around freely. In addition, you are required to make sure that the flight kennels have: water and food bowls, diapers pads, bolts and more.

To make sure your pets aren’t stopped from boarding their flight, you are required to abide by the following regulations:

  • The flight kennel must be made of rigid plastic or wood. Wire-mesh cages are not allowed.
  • If your flight kennel has wheels, they must be taken off.
  • The floor must be made of solid material, as well as being leak proof. It should contain material to absorb liquids.
  • The flight kennel must be escape proof. Keeping this in mind, the kennel must have ventilation holes at least on four sides.
  • Only one pet per kennel is allowed.
  • Toys and bones are prohibited for the safety of your pet.
  • The kennel should be labeled with the words “LIVE ANIMAL”.

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