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What Kind Of Pets Do You Ship?

We have experience with many household pets but we mainly ship dogs and cats. Our charges may vary by what kind of pet you need to ship and where you are travelling to. Please contact us directly to receive a free quote.

Can I Ship My Pets By Myself?

Yes you can. You don’t need a pet shipping company to assist you with shipping your pets. However, there are some airline companies that will only accept pets from a professional pet shipper. Even if you don’t become our client, we highly recommended you use a pet shipping company as this is their expertise.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare My Pets For Travel?

It depends…To travel to some countries could take 1 month. Others could take 3-4 months or even half a year. Why does it take so long? Many countries demand a waiting period after certain blood tests are done. Mostly, these waiting periods can’t be shortened. Contact Pets2Fly in advance and we will help you understand the requirements of your destination and, if possible, request permission to shorten the process.

Can We Book Our Flight Tickets Through Pets2Fly?

Pets2Fly is a travel agency for pets and people. We can book your flight tickets along with the pet’s flight ticket. It must be done simultaneously, unless your pet is flying as cargo shipment. If your pet will fly as cargo shipment, your flight ticket is not linked to your pet’s shipment.


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