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Emotional Support Animal


What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

An Emotional Support Animal (also called ESA) is a companion animal which has been prescribed by a medical personnel (such as a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a therapist) for an individual with a disability. Pets used as ESA could be dogs, cats or other animals. Most airline companies will only see a dog or cat as an emotional support animal.

At Pets2Fly we know that each pet could have different values to their owners. Some owners might rely on their pet for their emotional support while others for medical reasons. When a pet is classified as ESA, it will be allowed to fly in cabin with the owner on most airlines and to almost any destination. Let our pet transport experts assist you!

We Know Your Emotional Needs

Pets2Fly can help you understand what is needed to travel with your pet as ESA. We have knowledgeable experts who know the laws and regulations regarding emotional support pets and how big a role they play in your life.

We can help you find the proper legal methods and documentation that you will need to travel with your pet together in cabin.

You Will Never Have To Travel Alone!

Pets2Fly can provide you with legal guidance and help you with the necessary documents, only if you are already treated by an approved medical personnel. Pets2Fly is readily available to provide assistance to individuals suffering from any disability.

Nowadays, most airline companies request more and more documents in order to approve someone’s emotional support animal. It has become a “trend” and because of this, it is becoming more complicated to get the airline’s approval.

We will help you any way possible to ascertain that your pet will be close to you when you travel. We can’t and won’t guarantee that we will succeed (as approving your emotional support animal isn’t up to us), but we can promise to do our best and usually our best is just enough.


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