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Founder & CEO

My name is Mattan Gal and I’m the founder and CEO of Pets2Fly. You are probably asking how it all started or why I decided to open a pet shipping company. Well, I’m a son of a diplomat and therefore, I traveled the world and lived in many places.

A long time ago my parents decided to bring a dog to our family, a border collie named Lassie. This happened when we were living in Uzbekistan. When we decided to return to Israel we had to figure out what to do with Lassie. She was part of our family and leaving her behind was not an option.

Right then, I decided to research how to import a dog to Israel. It took me a while to get everything in order and even then I wasn’t sure everything was perfect.

Back then, pet shipping companies were not popular around the world. Pet owners had to arrange everything by themselves. I knew back then that this is something that I will do in the future.

After finishing high school, I served 3 years in the army. My role was recruiting military reserve personnel. After the army, I began studying Law. I finished my studies as Bachelor of Law (LL.B) in Haifa. This has assisted me a lot in understanding worldwide regulations and documentations, how to approach a problem and finding a solution, etc.

I’m proud to say that I have assisted thousands of pet owners over the years. Some were not easy to assist due to time limits and missing documents while others were simple and casual.

Pets2Fly was founded to provide solutions to pet owners that want to leave or enter Israel. Our prices are competitive and our services are of the highest quality. If we can’t offer you the best then we will probably not take you as our client.


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